SAGATIBA - Campari's Cachaça brand


Art Director
Caipirinha is the Brazilian worldwide known drink and it is a must for brazilians to do it perfectly.
That's why we created the Sagatiba Caipirinha Academy - A 360 campaign for trade and consumers to help every Brazilian to achieve excellence, with film, Alltype Ads, OOH, recipes, membership club, certificate for bartenders, and many more.
Film to introduce the Sagatiba Caipirinha Academy and to call brazilians for their civic obligation to make a perfect Caipirinha.


“Principles and teachings: Sagatiba is a lighter cachaça. That’s why its Caipirinhas pair well with events that require lot of our stomachs, like feijoadas* and office parties.”

*heavy duty Brazilian dish

“Principles and teachings: recent methods reveal that the number of mixtures of typical Brazilin fruits with Sagatiba is close to infinite. A result not important for science, but crucial for a great barbecue.”
“Principles and teachings: Women usually prefer Caipirinhas made with sweet fruit like Strawberry and other berries. That might help explain why the male Homo Sapiens chooses to perfect their concoction”
Caipirinha recipes Ad
"Little help to cheat on the Academy Exams"