Art Director, Illustrator Artist, Workshop Tutor.


It is almost unlikely for a mannequin to get the main role. We daily look at so many, but we cannot see them. A mannequin is a functional and soulless object that only exists to display something else. Ironically, most of them are a representation of a feminine body. In our culture, the image of a female body have been excessively used by fashion and media industries over the years to sell products and sex. Bodies without a soul.


As part of Melissa Flash Exhibition about women empowerment at Melissa Gallery, in London, in May, the mannequin became the canvas and got the central role. Hand-painted heart, brain and hormones invited the public to see beyond the feminine body and re-think the way they relate to it. Nature elements have been chosen to explain that the physic and emotional aspects are inseparable, so disrespect the body means to disrespect the soul.


Named as “Jane”, the artistic intervention was the entrance of the exhibition, being also featured at the window display for 2 months after the exposition. A drawing workshop was also part of this event, inviting people to interact with mannequins, creating their own piece of Art.


Materials: Posca pen on fashion mannequin.